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The manufacturing process starts once the components arrived at our facility where they are staged under a code name to comply with established non-disclosure agreement to protect each client.

After a code name is assigned, the received components are inspected for cleanliness, integrity, and correct quantities. A HOLD will be placed on the order and the client is contacted with the findings if any part of the reviewed components do not meet our criteria for production, (this is a great measure to avoid complications during the creation of the kits). The components are then APPROVED or REJECTED once input from the client is obtained.

The type and size of the particulate matter are cut and measured, then seeded before the first inspection process begins. Any container not meeting the quality attributes during this inspection phase is rejected and re-made.

After each single unit is inspected and found acceptable, a second inspection is performed on the kit before is sent for packaging/shipping. This is the same process for any cosmetic defect ordered.

Typically, the lead turnaround time for a normal kit is fifteen (15) business days from the start date.

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