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We’re based in North Carolina

We are located in North Carolina, USA. From here, we can deliver our defect kits all over the world at a moment notice.


Changing how you see things

Every position at our organization requires working as a team with the end goal of providing the best reliable service for each of our client.

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Manual Visual Inspector

North Carolina

This position is responsible for the inspection of fill finished products to include being up to date of industry guidelines and USP 790 and 1790.

Quality Assurance Inspector/Product Release

North Carolina

This position requires the inspection of in-process and completed inspections to ensure meeting the allowable limits before product release to the client.

Future VI Vacancy

North Carolina

Site Director

North Carolina

The Site Director is responsible for the operations through delegations while maintaining a healthy work environment and ensuring our on-time delivery and efficiency to our clients. Bringing innovative methods that simplify the day-to-day operation as well as expansion of business.

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